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Give Your Old Trampoline A New Life With this Fab Upcycling Idea

upcycled trampoline

When it comes to trampolines often they serve one purpose, albeit a fun one at that, but someone has come up with an ideal for upcycling old and unused trampolines into amazing garden accessories.

Usefuldiy, who turn old unloved items into very useful accessories, are giving old trampolines a new life, as swings, chairs, and delightful bed for gardens, which we think are completely fab and super helpful for the upcoming summer months.

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upcycled trampoline


When it comes to garden furniture, it can often be pretty bland, boring, and very samey.

That could be about to change, and all it will take is an old trampoline and some creative thinking.

Usefludiy have shared a step – by – step guide on how to create fun upcycled trampoline seating areas and bed spaces.

The simple process includes removing the trampoline legs, covering up any loose metal or springs to avoid any potential injuries.

Attach colourful fabric, wood, or other material, around the base, and even around the sides of the trampoline to create a sort of tepee, then add items like high intensity ropes and waterproof shell to help it withstand British weather.

To complete the transformation add some comfy covers and pillows, and you have yourself a new garden hideaway.

For more information on these upcycled trampoline, or other upcycling ideas, visit Usefuldiy online.

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