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These Simple Upcycling Tips Will Help Your Cabinets Enjoy a New Lease Of Life

upcycling cabinet ideas

Are your chest of drawers or cabinets best days behind them? We have some simple upcycling tips that’ll inject them with a new lease of life.

The tips are simple, inexpensive, and guaranteed to help transform your old, tired, cabinets into a piece of furniture popping with life.

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upcycling cabinet ideas


Most cabinetry can be reinvented into something new and special, but you need to evaluate the standard of what you are working with first.

If your cabinets are broken, cracked, bent, or otherwise in a bad way, go with a new, or second hand option.

Once you have your cabinets, prep them for the makeover by removing doors and lightly stand the exterior, followed by wipe down with a clean, damp cloth.

From here you now have a blank canvas to get creative with.

New paint job

upcycling cabinet ideas


With a blank canvas you can do pretty much anything to give your cabinets a new look.

Staining and paint are obvious choices, and mixing it up with patterns, stickers, dots, or designs, are also perfect.

Additionally, why not go for wallpaper? Or even tiling across the wooden pieces? The sky is the limit when giving your cabinets a unique makeover.

New Hardware

upcycling cabinet ideas


Not keen on a new paint job? Then why not change up the hardware, specifically knobs or handle pulls.

Switch out those boring wooden knobs and replace them with a touch of your personality.

Add pulls made from durable fabric, which can be any shade or style, or even source modern handle alternatives such as crystal door knobs.

Once you have found your additions those old cabinets are guaranteed to pop with colour and a new lease of life.

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