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A Shower Wine Glass Exists So You Can Enjoy Your Vino in Style

© Urban Outfitters

How do you enjoy your wine? Perhaps straight from the fridge? Or warmed for hours to truly bring out the aromas?

Alternatively, there’s always enjoying a cheeky glass of wine… in the shower.

Thanks to Urban Outfitters and brand Sipski, that particular dream of sipping a delicious rosè under the splash of water can now be realised.

This shower wine glass will actually hold your vino in place on the wall as you enjoy your daily ritual.


Silicone backing adheres to your shower or bath wall and holds your wine steady.

Then, when you’re done taking a sip, easily removes without leaving residue behind.

Of course, the holder is tipped for use in the shower, but it could be the ideal way to enjoy a soak instead with your favourite tipple.

Whether it’s Valentine’s Day or simply date night, it could be enjoyed as the perfect way to relax alone or as part of a couple.

You might want to consider stocking up on plastic wine glasses, however.

The holder is not intended for use with glass so best to pop your favourite glass away into the back of the cupboard.

It’s shower/wine time instead!

Sipski Shower Wine Glass Holder is available via Urban Outfitters for £15. 

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