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Van Gogh’s Paintings Can Now Become Your Living Room Wallpaper

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If you’ve always wanted to grace your space with art from one of the world’s most renowned artists, then you might just be in luck thanks to this Van Gogh wallpaper.

You can now get his works of art at an affordable price from MuralsWalppaper.

It has been 130 years since the artist started creating his masterpieces and although it took people a while to appreciate them, nowadays we’re all fans of his work.


van gogh paintings wallpaper

MuralsWallpaper £36.00/m2

MuralsWallpaper  have released an exclusive range of wallpaper murals, with prices starting from £30, to allow people to experience the classic paintings in their home, all in honour of the 130th year anniversary.

Apart from wallpapers carrying the magnificent work of Van Gogh, you can also find the works of artistic geniuses such as Monet, Banksy and Da Vinci.

Some of the masterpieces of Van Gogh featured on the wallpapers by MuralsWallpaper are Irises, Sunflowers and Starry Night.

van gogh paintings wallpaper

MuralsWallpaper £36.00/m2

A great aspect of wallpapers compared to paintings is that they can offer a fully immersive experience of what they depict due to their size.

These wallpaper murals allow for Van Gogh’s classic paintings to be experienced in interiors in great detail on a grand scale, resulting in a perfect way for fans to celebrate the Dutch artists’ work and life.

Turn the room into a work of beautiful art, as well as homage to the world-renowned painter by incorporating one of these wallpapers in your space.

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