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This Smart Garden Allows Homes To Effortlessly Grow Herbs, Greens and Vegetables Indoors

veritable smart garden
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The Veritable Smart Garden is a new indoor herb and vegetable garden kit capable of helping homes grow their own veg patches all from the comfort of their kitchen table or windowsill.

For those who live in cities or urban environments owning a garden often feels like a pipe-dream, Veritable smart garden products want to change that perception with their range of unique indoor gardens capable of growing everything from herbs, veg to plants.

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veritable smart garden


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When life gets busy, taking care of plants and vegetables tend to get forgotten about. Veritable offers the chance for those too busy to grow, harvest, and enjoy a large range of fresh and healthy products all year round – right from the comfort of your home with minimal fuss.

Veritable smart gardens have their own LED growing light positioned right above the plants, ensuring your plants get the optimum amount of light, perfect if they are sat in dark corners or low light areas in the home.

There is also a self-sufficient water reservoir that makes it, virtually, impossible to over or under-water your plants. All owners need to do is top up the two-litre water tank every three to four weeks, Veritable will even alert owners when it is time to top up the water tank.

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veritable smart garden


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Each Veritable comes with four organic seed packs – cherry tomatoes, sweet basil, chives, and parsley. Veritable smart gardens can only use their own seed packs or Lingots, which are packs of seeds already planted in organic rich soil to and slot into the Veritable garden. All Lingots are 100 per cent compostable and biodegradable, and use no GMOs or pesticides.

Once the seeds have been planted, the herbs and vegetables will be ready to eat in just four weeks.

There are a range of Veritable indoor gardens available to order, from the classic version to a connected alternative which can be synced up to a free application and sends alerts and updates on the progress of your plants.

Prices for the Veritable smart gardens start at £119 for the classic option, £149 for a smart planter, and £259 for a connected smart planter. All are available to order from Veritable online.

For more information on the Veritable Smart Garden, or other Veritable products, visit Veritable online.

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