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The New Charming Christmas Trees From Waitrose Look Good Enough to Eat

waitrose rosemary christmas trees
© Waitrose

In an effort to inject the festive season a delightful new scent, Waitrose have introduced a range of rosemary trees cut in the shape of traditional Christmas furs.

The high end supermarket revealed the new rosemary trees alongside a host of other festively-themed homeware products, all aimed at giving decorations a refreshing new scent and look this year.

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waitrose rosemary christmas trees


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Rosemary might be a random choice for festive decor, but the plant’s needle-like leaves make them a perfect canvas for decorating, not to mention they resemble mini-Christmas trees.

Each rosemary tree stands a 30cm and have been grown and pruned to resemble the shape of a traditional trees.

The aromatic trees are also perfect for the environmentally conscious individual, who are’t a fans of uprooting majestic real trees.

The leaves from the tree’s can be used to help flavour dishes throughout the holiday season, and once all the celebrations have come to an end, the cute tree can be planted outside – making sure there’s zero waste.

The trees are perfectly sized for decorating kitchens or windowsills, but are ideal as centerpieces on Christmas dinner tables.

The Waitrose rosemary Christmas trees are priced at £15 and available to buy in-store or at Waitrose online.

For more information on the Waitrose rosemary Christmas trees visit Waitrose online.

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