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These Weight Loss Calendar Plaques Will Help You Reach Your Ultimate Goal

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It can be hard to change the diet and get motivated once you’ve spent a few winter months indulging in festive treats.

That’s why these clever plaques are the home accessory you need this season.

A cheap and cheerful way to countdown to your eventual weight loss goal, they work by motivating you with money.

Simply place a coin in each slot for every pound you lose, then treat yourself with the money when you reach your goal.

The Range, £3.49

The “Counting Down the Pounds Plaques” come in two funky designs that’ll help turn your lbs into £s in no time.

There’s the simple bathroom scales design or, for those who have the ultimate goal of getting a bikini body come summer,  there’s a corresponding pink plaque.

Just hang it in your bathroom or bedroom for the ultimate motivation. With between 23 and 30 circular slots, you’ll be hitting your goals in no time!

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Counting Down the Pounds Calendars are available via The Range for £3.49 each or discover even more designs over on Etsy. 

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