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Gravity Blankets Promise To Provide Gentle and Stress-Relieving Night’s Sleep

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If going to bed is a stressful, anxiety filled experience, a revolutionary new blanket has arrived that could finally provide a solution to those uncomfortable, sleepless nights.

The Gravity blanket is a handmade, duvet-like cover aiming to provide a soothing sleep experience using a unique design that replicates the feeling of a soft and warm pet snoozing on your lap.

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weighted gravity blankets

Gravity Blanket

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At their simplest form, weighted blankets offer the same sensation as being held or a receiving gentle hug.

Medical research revealed that lying underneath constant and evenly distributed pressure can provide a potentially stress-free and relaxing sleep.

Studies have also shown that weighted blankets could help those who suffer from autism spectrum disorders, ADHD, high anxiety or even insomnia.

Gravity Blanket

The Gravity Blanket is a premium-grade, therapeutic weighted duvet that harnesses the power of deep touch stimulation to gently distribute deep pressure around the body.

Each blanket has been engineered to weight close to 10% of an average persons body weight, and its sole purpose is to relax the nervous system and ease people to sleep quickly.

weighted gravity blankets

Gravity Blanket

On average, people take 45 minutes to fall asleep, the Gravity Blanket estimates it can help people fall asleep in just 7 minutes.

The blanket is made using a soft plush fabric on one and velvet on the other. The covers are all hypoallergenic and come in grey. They can also be washed at 40 degrees in the washing machine.

If potential owners are still not sure of weighted blankets, gravity offer a 28-day sleep trial, where a blanket can be returned if it does not provide a better night sleep.

Prices for stress-relieving weighted gravity blankets range from £149 for a 135cm x 200cm blanket and go up to £199 for a 155cm x 220cm blanket. All are available at Gravity Blankets online.

For more information on stress-relieving weighted gravity blankets visit Gravity Blankets online.

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