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Keeping Your Christmas Lights Up Will Make You Happier

© Marcus Wallis / Unsplash

If you’re feeling the winter blues already, then this news might just make you feel so much better.

According to one psychologist, there’s no need to pack away your Christmas decorations just yet – keeping up your festive lights is actually good for your mental health.

Speaking to Mail Online, Chicago environmental and design psychologist Dr Sally Augustin said: “We like to think we’re so different from animals, but we are actually very responsive to our senses.

“Developing on the savanna, where our current sensory systems developed, when we would see warm light, it was often a campfire at the end of the day, signalling cooking and positive experiences.”



In other words, why have a gloomy home when you can feel happy with festive lights?

She added: “Our eyes and neural networks developed in tandem in a way that creates positive associations with warmer light” creating a better and more relaxed mood.

“When we experience warmer coloured lights, candlelight or light from warmer bulbs, it puts us in a more positive mood, which is great for getting along with others.”

Of course, Christmas lights happens to be a brilliant winter home accessory in their own right.

Fairy lights can add immediate warmth to any home, so there’s no need to take them down.

According to the Danish and Norwegian trend of Hygge we should make our space cosy and feel like home.


Dr Augustin says: “Make sure there are lots of soft textures and cuddly warm blankets.

“We have positive associations to soft warm, cuddly and flannel textures. These are all good things in our mind that boost our mood, and when we are in a better mood, we get along better.”

So, if you’re not quite ready to let go of the festivities just yet, don’t pack away your lights.

There’s life in them beyond December 5!

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