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Why White Gloss Kitchens Are Here to Stay

© Dariusz Jarzabek

Kitchen trends come and go but if you want to invest in a new kitchen design that will look good for years to come, you can’t go wrong with white gloss.

Not only is this a huge interiors trend at the moment, high gloss white kitchens are surely the holy grail of timeless design, a long-term investment into an iconic modern style that just keeps on giving.

Whether you’re looking for clean, all white minimalist kitchen spaces or funky splashes of colour and texture against the neutral background, writer Annie Button says there’s nothing quite like the wow of brilliant white kitchen design.

Create a calm ambience in your home

white gloss kitchen


With the hectic, fast pace of modern life, it’s nice to come home to a calm and tranquil environment in which you can relax, rebalance and recharge your batteries.

Whether you actively subscribe to a strict minimalist living philosophy or you just want to dial down the riot of external stimuli on the senses when you’re in the heart of your home, a kitchen that features sleek, white gloss cabinets, worktops, floors and even walls may be exactly what you need. It’s balm for the soul.

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Complement perfectly with any colour

If an all-white room scheme is a tad too cold and clinical for you, no problem. White gloss units are the perfect accompaniment for other colours too, allowing you to personalise your kitchen to achieve exactly the right atmosphere you desire.

Monochrome colour schemes are very popular at the moment, but you can also add bold pops of orange, pink or teal to create interesting and dramatic contrasts.

Don’t overdo the colours though – a couple of key components are plenty to let your colour statement shine through.

Mix and match with any material

white kitchen design


The versatility of shiny white cabinets means that they can be combined with practically any other finish and still look fantastic.

Try a two-tone effect in the kitchen, teaming white units with lacquered black wood, iridescent mosaic tiles or a glass splashback in a vibrant hue.

White units look magnificent against aged woodwork, paired with bare brick walls or rustic slate floors.

It’s a timeless combination that will look just as fresh in years to come.

Add the illusion of light and space

Gloss white kitchens are renowned for maximising light and space. You can also use other reflective gloss surfaces such as glass cabinetry and the clever use of mirrors to help you bounce light around the room.

It’s a clever trick of the trade used by interior designers to brighten up dark and dingy spaces, but can also look fabulous in large, open plan kitchen/diners.

Add skylight windows if logistics allow, for a bright, airy result that makes a real statement.

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Ensure order and cleanliness

minimalist kitchen design


Kitchens should be well organised, tidy and hygienically clean at all times.

Handleless, minimalist kitchen designs can make the most of the space available, with wide drawers, pullout cupboards and plenty of clever storage solutions available to effortlessly hide away any clutter.

And when it comes to cleaning your gloss kitchen, nothing could be more practical than sleek, white surfaces that require little more than a wipeover with a microcloth to restore their cleanliness and appeal.

Choose Contemporary or Traditional

You would be forgiven to think that white gloss kitchens only come in uber modern, minimalist designs, but that is not the case at all.

Country style kitchens can be updated with gloss white units too, perhaps accessorised with quirky cupboard handles, rustic plate racks or a ceramic Butler sink.

Take a look at the traditional gloss white kitchen below, featuring classic Shaker doors in a crisp yet cosy country style setting.

Add lots of natural accents – wood, basketware, fresh produce, plants etc – for a modern, homely vibe.

Refresh with Style Makeovers

Dariusz Jarzabek

High gloss white kitchens are timeless and versatile, meaning you can style and restyle the room around them to your heart’s content and without having to splash out on a brand new kitchen.

Changing the colours of the walls, the flooring or accessories are a far less costly exercise.

Set aside a weekend for a quick style refresh with new accent colours – modern artwork on the wall, a new splashback around the cooker, a colourful tablecloth and matching tea towels – and your kitchen will feel like new.

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