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7 Window Herb Planters More Stylish Than a Box

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If you live in a small apartment where garden space is an issue, then have you ever considered having a window herb planter?

That is not the usual humdrum herb box that sits on your ‘sill nor purely just herbs at all, but one of these truly inventive ideas.

Take your window garden into the 21st century by growing your own herbs (and stunning succulents) in one of these chic solutions…

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Macrame Plant Indoor Hangers


Perfect for plants or herbs, these macrame style hangers are just so stunning with their knotted, white minimalist feel.

To apply them to your window, you could use an existing curtain pole or install one just to hang these beauties off it.

Mkono Macrame Plant Hanger, £6.99, Amazon

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Clear Hanging Planters


Made from recycled glass, these hanging planters aren’t just perfect for herbs but also for cacti too.

The useful leather hanging tie enables you to create a striking wall or window display alike.

Viri Hanging Planter, £16.95, Nkuku

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Stick on glass herb planter – Best budget buy

For the ultimate lazy gardener, you can’t get more convenient then these stick on herb planters and they look pretty great too.

Not to mention seriously budget friendly!

Stick to Glass Small Plant Herb Pots, £3.49, Ebay

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DIY Window Rack

If you’re feeling thrifty and are a dab hand at DIY, why not make your very own hanging planter for your walls or window?

This DIY Gutter Hanging Planter will give the personalised touch to any home!

hanging Glass Terrarium

Another potential DIY is to use old lightbulbs or even glass jars to house your herbs,

These lightbulb vases just look so creative, or you could consider hanging orbs instead.

Grow-it-herb pot

If you love a traditional plant pot, then why not hang this stylish pick from your window?

It’s been designed by Danish brand RIG-TIG.

Grow-it-herb pot, Nordic Nest, £18

Cacti Wheel

If cacti is your kind of window garden instead, this striking Pori  planter is constructed from metal providing a sophisticated, stylish place for your plants to hang.

Pori Hanging Planter, Nkuku, £99.95

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