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A Wine Glass Chandelier Might Just Impress Your Dinner Guests

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If you love making a statement in your home, then you just can’t get more elaborate than installing a wine glass chandelier.

Wine lovers and home guests alike will go crazy for this incredible installation which features wine glasses all arranged into the shape of the luxury glass lighting option.

You can get it in a variety of designs and tiers, including one which features goblets instead.

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Buy: Visconte Goblet 3 Light Wine Glass Ceiling Pendant, £324

What’s brilliantly sneaky about this is it’s a perfect homage to a good rosé without looking too obvious.

Pendant lighting is a great way to create a thoroughly elegant look within your home, whilst also remaining stylish and modern at the same time.

Alternatively, opt for the ceiling light version instead.  A simple and elegant way to bring effective lighting into your home, you can’t get much more of a subtle touch to your love of wine.

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Buy: Visconte Goblet 3 Light Wine Style Ceiling Light, £279

For those who simply like to show off with their interiors, however, the glass versions come in both 3 and 4 tiers.

Buy: 3 Tier Dining Room Wine Glass Chandelier, £249

Attached by a silver metal frame with up to 60 sparkling wine glasses, it creates a wonderful effect when lit.

The perfect addition to any dining room, it’s sure to have your guests staring in awe!

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Wine Glass Chandeliers are available from Litecraft, priced from £91.

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