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These Indoor Plants Will Freshen-Up Homes and Help Owners Avoid Catching Winter Bugs

winter indoor plants
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With flu bugs and colds floating around everywhere it is important to make sure homes are winter bug free zones – these simple house plants could provide the solution to avoiding those pesky illnesses.

Houseplants such as ferns, palms and a host of other indoor plants all have the power to reduce the chance of infectious colds and flus from finding their way into homes and affecting peoples health during the winter bug season.

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According to research, when humidity rises above 40 percent, the chance of colds and other viruses spreading is greatly reduced.

The higher the humidity means the lower the chance of catching an annoying cold or flu that keeps you stuck in bed for days or even weeks.

This is where indoor plants come into play.

The Swiss Cheese Plant

winter indoor plants


The Little Botanical Large Monstera (Swiss Cheese Plant) £26.99, Dobbies Garden Centre.

Indoor plants, with the exception of succulents and cacti which reduce humidity levels, can increase humidity levels through a process called; transpiration.

The Little Botanical Calathea

winter indoor plants


The Little Botanical Calathea £14.99, Dobbies Garden Centre.

Transpiration occurs when direct sunlight strikes plant leaves, and pulls water from them into the air, creating humidity, which helps to kill and prevent colds, flus and other infectious diseases from spreading.

The bigger the plant, the more transpiration occurs, and the more water gets moved into the air and increasing the humidity.

Botanical Chamaedorea

winter indoor plants


The Little Botanical Large Scindapsus (Devil’s Ivy) £29.99, Dobbies Garden Centre.

So, to help make sure those pesky winter coughs, flus, colds or illnesses circulating around your workplace don’t make it into your system, make sure your home is kitted out with plenty of winter indoor plants.

To find what winter indoor plants would be best for your home visit Dobbies Garden Centre online.

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