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Here’s how to bring the magic of the woodland trend into your home

One interior trend that’ll bring a rustic warmth into your home is an earthy woodland look. This theme aims to bring some of the magic of the woodland into your home and keep you as cosy as a hibernating rabbit in a burrow during the cold spell.

The woodland trend is dynamic, cute, inspiring and, best of all, affordable. We’ve sourced some fantastic products at some great prices from high street retailers such as George and Sainsbury’s, while you can always pull visual inspiration and bank the look for later.

Handmade woodland bedroom accessories

woodland trend

Image: Sainbury’s

Embroidered goods are a hot trend, so why not be doubly ahead of the game by investing in some flowery, embroidered cushions? They will perfectly match this gorgeous ‘Rural Retreat’ printed bed linen from Sainsbury’s.

Combine anything rustic or handmade, particularly wooden goods to get that earthy woodland feel. Pastels and neutrals are key for this look, but also add in some deep mustard tones to warm up the space. And feel free to go crazy with lots of woodland animals, in any shape or size!

Printed double bedding set, £21; mustard quilted throw, £35; jumping hare candle, £4.50; hare trinket dish, £6, from Sainsbury’s Home

Embody the trend with a bright and bold wall mural

Image: I Want Wallpaper

Wallpaper murals can be incredibly striking and and real depth to a room. With the immediacy of a wall mural, it’s important to keep things simple elsewhere in the room and avoid clutter and any other bold tones or colours.

Think ‘Scandi’ for the rest of the room. The pale, neutral tones will compliment the striking woodland scene and let the mural do its job of being the focus and centrepiece of the room.

1 Wall giant forest wallpaper mural, £39.99

Create warmth with soft fabrics

Image: George

We want to harness the vibrancy of the outdoor woodland environment but without the winter temperature. Using soft fabrics will bring a warmth and cosiness you will love all winter long. Faux fur is perfect, we’ll leave the real fur on the animals who need it.

Combine this cute squirrel cushion with plenty of real greenery around the room and watch your woodland wonderland come alive. This copper lamp from George will add another warming natural element, contrasting perfectly with the softness in the room.

Rabbit Cushion, £6; Curved Floor Lamp, £30; Knitted Pouffe, £39, and Purple Mongolian Faux Fur Cushion, £9, from George Home

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