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Yankee Candle Have Launched Their Brand New Autumn Collection

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With autumn right around the corner, it’s only natural your thoughts may turn to a glorious fall-style Yankee Candle.

Good news is the candle company have released the dreamiest autumn collection for 2019 and you’ll want it all.

Called Farmers’ Market, the range is just as berry-hued as you’d hope for.

There’s the deliciously lovely Blackberry Tea with dark purple colouring, just perfect for dark nights.

Not to mention its lighter purple companion Dried Lavender and Oak.

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If you love mulled fruit and rich berry, look no further than Farmstand Festival featuring notes of Elderberry and blackberry or Ciderhouse, scented with freshly pressed apples.

As well as a whole earthy spectrum of colour in the range including Golden Chestnut, Persimmon & Brown Sugar, Pumpkin Apple Parfait, Oak and Amber Incense and Sweet Maple Chai.

If you’re feeling really fancy, however, there’s the stunning Fall Woods collection.

These come in dramatically decorative holders depicting the woods in autumn and includes scents such as Spiced Pumpkin, Honeycrisp Apple Cider, Autumn Wreath and Autumn Pumpkin.

Sadly, the Fall Woods collection appears to be currently available on the US site only at present.

However, you’ll be cheered to know each product in the Farmers’ Market collection is available via Yankee Candle UK so best stock up now ahead of the season change.

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Yankee Candle autumn collection 2019 is available now via Yankee Candle UK and Yankee Candle US. 

International stock differences apply. 

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