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A Yankee Candle Bouquet Is the Perfect Valentine’s Gift

© Celebrate Gifts / Funky Hampers

This Valentine’s Day, why not brighten up your loved one’s home with a candle bouquet?

Alternative bouquets have become a rising trend in recent years, with food-inspired bunches in particular creating a buzz.

This scent-sational bouquet, however, is simply perfect for home lovers who want to create a warm and inviting vibe.

These Yankee Candle inspired bouquets feature wax melts and tealights tucked into the roses, complete with the addition of a wax melt burner.

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candle bouquet

You can also choose to have chocolate infused into your bouquet. Image: Celebrate Gifts

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It’s a fantastic gift idea on two levels.

Not only do you have a fantastic smelling candle set, but a perfect bunch of roses to display around the home.

The idea is available in different colours depending on the seller.

Choose romantic pink or opt for chic white.

You can currently pick up a pink candle bouquet over on Funky Hampers for £32, which includes 4 tealights, 4 wax melts, silk pink roses and a porcelain melt burner.

Alternatively, Celebrate Gifts is selling the white for £34.95, also including 4 tealights, 4 wax melts and a porcelain melt burner but with silk ivory roses.

You can also fully embrace the edible bouquet trend by having your Yankee Candle bouquet infused with Ferrero Rochers or Lindt Lindor.

It’s the perfect Valentine’s treat!

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