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Yankee Candle Has Launched Two Perfect Easter Scents

© Yankee Candle

If you’re not one for chocolate and you’d rather save on calories, than Yankee Candle may have the alternative Easter gift for you.

The candle brand is releasing two Easter scents that’ll make your home smell oh-so-sweet.

The first might not be the usual treat you expect at this time of year, but it’s sure chocked full of sugary deliciousness.

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Yankee Candle

Buy: Yankee Rainbow Shake Candle, £23.99

Rainbow Shake features juicy, sparkling fruits blended with sweet vanilla, finished with whipped cream, rainbow sprinkles and berry drizzle.

Meanwhile, the fragrance combines the aromas of pineapple whip, toasted almond and cinnamon.

Its baby pink colour will remind you of sipping milkshakes in the nearest Amercian diner, while you can’t fail to smile at the bright explosion of sweets on the front of the jar.

For those who can’t resist the allure of an Easter egg, however, you’re going to love  Easter Basket.

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Yankee Candle

Buy: Yankee Candle Easter Basket, £23.99 

You might expect an almost chocolately aroma to this one but actually it’s a heady mix of  lime, cactus water and Brazilian orange

Described as a “a joyful jaunt on Easter morning, with a heady mix of dewy grass and wet woods, sweetened by the promise of fruity jellybeans and bright bouquets,” the candle comes in a pretty soft green colour.

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Each costs £23.99 from the official Yankee Candle website, or you can pick up two for £38 in a special Easter deal.

Reviewer Kyle78 wrote: “Just received this candle today and I am very happy with it.

“Not only does it look gorgeous in it’s lovely spring like colour but the fragrance is so fresh and clean. It really is like a walk through the meadows.”

So spring like and perfect for Easter. I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t like this lovely fragrance. Going to buy the Rainbow Shake one next.”

Going by what reviewers have had to say, two might be a brilliant money-saving idea!

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