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You will soon be able to dry your clothes using radio waves

hanging clothes on pink background

At this time of year, it’s not really an option to dry your clothes outside so if you don’t own a tumble drier it can often be a tricky task to find space to adequately dry clothes.

Due to an ongoing housing crisis more and more people living in the city are being forced to live in smaller properties.

New homes are also being built smaller to save space and fit more properties into plots of land. As a result there is pressure and demand for smaller domestic appliances (see our report on the smart dishwasher the size of a microwave).

Whirlpool Corporation are one company that have been trying to address the need to reduce space that large domestic goods take up. And they have come up with a very innovative solution which could revolutionise the way we dry clothes.

Tumble driers as we know them have always been constrained by the need for a large drum of a suitable volume in which to hold laundry. The drum would then act as the vehicle in which to disperse hot air around the items of clothing as they are tumbled.

The patent for the new drier which has been granted states: “The drying surface (22) is adjacent to a radio frequency applicator (12) and is enclosed by a Faraday cage.”

This all sounds pretty technical, but, simplified, it means that the moisture from the damp clothes is heated by radio waves and as the water heats it evaporates, drying the clothes.

Simple yet genius, the way the best inventions should be. Here’s hoping that everyone with a small house can have a tiny tumble drier so they can enjoy the benefits of that comforting warm and dry feeling when the clothes come out on a winter’s morning.

As the patent has only recently been granted, don’t expect to see this in the shops any time soon. Just know there is hope on its way.

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By Jamie Cameron