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This New Toothpaste Aims to Start a Plastic-Free Household Revolution

zero waste toothpaste
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In an effort to help reduce harmful waste produced by households using everyday products, one company has developed a new zero-waste and plastic-free solution.

Canadian company, Change Toothpaste, have revealed a potentially revolutionary new zero-waste, plastic free toothpaste tablet that’ll keep your smile always looking fresh whilst also having an enormous positive environmental impact.

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Change Toothpaste

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Toothpaste tubes are made from more than 11 layers of plastics, polymers and complex resins, which are unable to be recycled, and can take over 500 years to break down.

After using up an everyday toothpaste tube they’re often thrown away and replaced.

Change Toothpaste

This regular throwaway habit adds more than 900 million toothpaste tubes to landfills, the environment and oceans around the world.

Change Toothpaste are aiming to change that increasingly harmful habit with their unique tablets, which eliminate the need for a toothpaste tube altogether.

Simply place one of the tablets on you toothbrush, add a dab of water and brush.

Each tablet offers a refreshing, clean and chemical-free brush, and comes in a compostable packet, with each bag containing 65 tablets. That is a month supply, on a two-a-day cycle.

All tablets are vegan-friendly and are made using all natural products. They also contain no gluten, dairy, nuts or soy.

Change Toothpaste are also selling eco-friendly bamboo toothbrushes using bamboo to help remove all traditional plastic brushes.

To help support the Change Toothpaste initiative visit BoostR and make a pledge, which will go towards growing the Change Toothpaste project.

The zero waste Change Toothpaste is priced at £10, with additional delivery charges added at checkout, and is available to purchase from Change Toothpaste online.

For more information on the zero waste toothpaste tablet visit Change Toothpaste online.

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