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This Simple Box Will Help you Sleep, Charge your Phone and Improve the Air Quality in your Home

zucklight sleep aid

If you’re in search of a new way to help you sleep peacefully at night, Mark Zuckerberg’s latest invention could be what you’ve been waiting for.

Zucklight, created by Facebook founder Zuckerberg, is a friendly sleeping aid that emits a soft light throughout the night to help sooth you to sleep at night, while also charging your mobile devices and track your room’s carbon dioxide levels, humidity and temperature.

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zucklight sleep aid


The idea for the Zucklight came from, unsurprisingly, Facebook. Zuckerberg built one for his wife and posted about it on his Facebook account. Once he shared the box and what it did, Zuckerberg’s friends and family clogged up his timeline with requests to get their hands on one.

With the help of developer, Greg Hovannisyan, who took over the project, a prototype was built and over £140,000 of investment was raised on Kickstarter to bring it into mass development.


So what does the Zucklight do?

It illuminates the room with calm, natural light, which can be set to transition through a range of colours, during sleeping hours. The idea behind the light was to act as an alternative to using our mobile devices, which has an aggressive backlight that makes the brain wake up, to check the time of day.

In addition to the calming light, the Zucklight has additional features in more advanced models.

zucklight sleep aid


The Zucklight plus includes a wireless built-in charging pad for charging mobile devices.

The Zucklight Pro features environmental sensors that track a room’s carbon dioxide levels, along with the air quality, humidity, and temperature.

The Zucklight comes in three different wooden colour tones and can be synced with a partnering application that allows users to change the colour of the light and check air quality using their device.

Prices for the Zucklight, Zucklight Plus and Pro range from £27 to £47 respectively. To get your hands on a Zucklight sleep aid visit Kickstarter online.

For more information on the Zucklight sleep aid and its features visit Zucklight or Kickstarter online.

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