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The 5 hottest wedding trends you’ll be seeing in 2019

wedding trends

Wedding trends are similar to fashion trends.  They are fairly easily predicted and normally don’t last longer than a season. Some of 2018’s trends included large floral wreaths, greenery, dessert bars and cocktails made from whole fruits as opposed to segments.

2019 wedding trends will be influenced by royal weddings. They will move further away from tradition and more towards comfort, individuality and freedom of expression.

We will take a look at the the all important dress trends, the use of technology, the decline of honeymoons and the increase of sustainability. Read on for the hottest 2019 wedding trends.

Colour will overpower traditional whites

red wedding dress

Hsin Hsiung Chen on Unsplash

Brides are set to embrace a somewhat rebellious shift away from conventional whites and creams when it comes to the dress.

Reds, pinks and oranges could be replacing old-fashioned ivory tones.  Everything from bridesmaid dresses to decorations and floral arrangements could see this injection of colour.

Metallic dresses could also be set for a starring role in 2019. These dresses will be gold, bold, brassy and will give the ‘bling’ factor to any wedding.

Simple and practical dresses will prevail

Mon Cheri Bridals

The Duchess of Sussex’s decision to opt for a simple, comfortable silk fabric over more traditional heavily-laced gowns may prove a popular way to go for 2019’s brides.

Long gone are the days when only the look or complexity of a dress was considered.

Modern brides are increasingly preferring comfort over aesthetic. Wedding dresses with pockets are expected to be big in 2019. This gives an option for keeping a few valuables close by and somewhere to rest weary arms and hands on a tiring day.

Eco-friendly weddings are going to be huge


Another royal wedding influence here.

Princess Eugenie’s recent royal wedding was completely plastic free, following the trend of anti-plastic sentiment experienced over the past few years.

Expect sustainability to take centre stage as brides and grooms bring their daily eco-friendly habits in line with their big day wishes. This could take the shape of flowers that can be replanted, organic and vegan menus and a rejection of plastic.

Technology will play a larger role

Everyone likes the idea of having original wedding photos, but it’s all been done before, right?

Well, stick a drone 100 feet in the air and it should give you a different perspective of the day. Expect no outdoor wedding in 2019 to be complete without a drone in attendance.

Video mapping could be another popular sight at weddings. It involves 3D projections beamed onto walls, floors and even wedding cakes. What will the grannies make of these technological wedding advancements?

Early honeymoons are replacing post-wedding holidays

Engagement moons. You heard it here first. With the expense of weddings these days, more couples are thinking it wiser to go on that holiday of a lifetime while they still have some savings left.

Traditional honeymoons may be brought forward and replaced with engagement moons shortly after deciding to tie the knot. After all, you’ve decided to be together forever, why not skip to the fun part now?

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