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World’s First 360-Degree Infinity Pool Is Coming To The UK

360 degree infinity pool

Infinity pools are a staple in tropical landscapes and honeymoon paradises, but soon there could be one sat overlooking the city of London, and it will include a world’s first.

UK-based swimming pool manufacturer Compass Pools,has revealed plans for the world’s first 360-degree infinity pool in the centre of the UK’s biggest city.

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360 degree infinity pool

Compass Pools

Infinity pools are luxurious optical illusions, giving swimmers the impression there’s no end to the pool, that it does in fact go on for an eternity. They do, however, often only offer that limitless view from one or two sides, this new London development will offer four sides of infinity.

Compass Pool’s designs for this 36-degree pool depict a clear-sided pool open to all of the elements the UK weather system wants to throw.

A wind-speed computer management system will ensure no pool water is blown out of the pool and onto unsuspecting Londoners, while the water will be heated using recycled waste energy from the hotel’s air conditioning system.

360 degree infinity pool

Compass Pools

The pool will sit atop a 220 meter high luxury hotel, and swimmers will reach the 600,000 – litre pool via a rotating spiral staircase.

If that wasn’t enough, the base of the pool will be completely transparent, offering guests the opportunity to look up and see swimmers drifting above them and also allowing swimmers to look below.

Work is scheduled to begin in 2020, once contractors have been selected.

For more information on the Infinity London visit Compass Pools online.

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