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A new Sipsmith pop-up gin shop is coming just in time for Christmas

As if gin winter igloos and mince pie flavoured gin sets weren’t enough, Sipsmith is coming back with yet another exciting Christmas launch.

The London gin-distiller has just introduced their Gin Shop which they describe as the perfect Christmas shopping destination for ginthusiasts.

Other than your favourite bottles of Sipmith’s entire portfolio, including their Lemon Drizzle and London Cup varieties, the shop will offer limited-edition distillations as well as gin books and cocktail accessories.

With all that variety be sure to find the ideal gift or stocking filler for your loved ones this Christmas. You don’t even have to worry about wrapping paper. Their friendly staff will do that for you as there are gift-wrapping services to help each bottle look its best.

You thought that was it? Hold on, there’s more.

The Sipsmith Gin Shop will also help you conquer another part of the seasonal melee: hosting the perfect Christmas party. Attend one of their masterclasses to brush up on your gin knowledge or learn how to stir up a number of delicious cocktails.

Workshops must be booked in advance (from £20).

Lastly, we all know it isn’t Christmas without a tipple or two, and it isn’t the Sipsmith Gin Shop without an in-house bar. When all that festive frenzy wears you out, feel free to order a G&T from their bar to help you cope with the Christmas shopping fatigue.

If you fancy a visit, you’ll find it at 192 Piccadilly, London.

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