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Adidas New 100% Recyclable Shoe Could Point the Way to the Future of Trainers

adidas futurecraft loop

Adidas could be pioneering a new way to develop trainers after revealing their latest shoe made entirely from virgin plastic and is 100% recyclable.

The worlds largest trainer manufacturer’s new shoe is aimed as part of the company’s bid to mitigate the growing global crisis of plastic.

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adidas futurecraft loop


The new shoe is called; The Futurecraft Loop and is the brands first step in moving away from the traditional materials used to created trainers and help decrease the volume of plastic waste in the world.

The aim of the new shoe is to create a product that could be recycled as part of a closed-loop sustainable system.

The achieve this, Adidas developed a high-performance running shoe made completely from one single material, virgin thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU).

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adidas futurecraft loop


Using just one material is critical to the new shoes ability to be recyclable. One of the biggest challenges in recycling trainers today is that they are often made up of various different materials, some of which are not recyclable. The process involves individually removing recyclable materials from the non-recyclable ones, which is laborious and often very time consuming.

The Futurecraft Lopp is different. The shoe is made from the Adidas Boost foam sole, made from TPU, and an knitted upper shoe.

The various TPU components have all been fused together using heat, not traditional glue, which dramatically changes the recyclability of the shoe.

Once the shoe is no longer needed, or needs to be replaced, it can be washed and 100% recycled into a new shoe.

adidas futurecraft loop


Adidas hope the shoe will set the new standard for trainer manufacturing and help to dramatically reduce the volume of waste currently caused by the use of plastics.

The Futurecraft Loop is in beta phase but Adidas hope, if the trials goes well, to begin full scale production soon.

For more information on the Futurecraft Loop, or any other shoe, visit Adidas online

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