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Adidas Have Built a Full-Size Sports Field Using Only Recycled Plastic Bottles

adidas recycled football field
© Adidas

To help provide insight and shed light on innovative new ways recycling can be used to build outdoor facilities, Adidas unveiled a new all-weather artificial sports field made entirely from recycled ocean plastic waste.

The German sportswear giants recently revealed the new sports field they donated to a local Miami, Florida, high school, which was made using 1.8 million recycled plastic bottles that were all collected from local beaches and shorelines.

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Adidas, along with a host of other major global sports brands, are aiming to stop contributing to the problem when it comes to producing unrecyclable waste, and become the solution with a range of innovative new products that utilise recycled and sustainable materials instead.

Adidas have already begun changing the way they manufacture their clothing and shoes, making sure they have an open loop cycle that involves using recycled materials.

adidas recycled football field


The German brand are also changing the surfaces on which people play on, building 100 percent sustainable all-weather pitches made from recycled plastic waste.

Typically, artificial, all-weather pitches are made from 90 per cent infill, which often involve rubber pellets and plastic “grass”, to help give the turf a bounce and feel like a real pitch.

Adidas recreated that look and feel of traditional turf pitches by removing the harmful rubber pellets and plastic turf, replacing them with recycled plastic bottle alternatives. They then installed the turf as normal with sand to create a completely eco-friendly all-purpose sports field.

In additional to the 100 per cent sustainable and environmentally conscious field, Adidas also placed recycling bins across the school campus to help maintain a zero-waste focus and allow students to commit to ending unnecessary plastic waste.

Adidas donated the field to Miami Edison High School.

For more information on the Adidas recycled football field visit Adidas online.

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