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The World’s First 100 percent Environmentally Friendly and Sustainable Spirit Has Been Unveiled

In an effort to help create sustainable spirit distilling techniques, Air Co have developed a potentially revolutionary, 100 percent environmentally friendly, process that converts carbon dioxide into smooth, crisp and clean vodka.

Instead of using traditional yeast, the Brooklyn, USA, based distillers transform harmful carbon dioxide into sustainabily produced vodka – and making each bottle produced the equivalent of the daily carbon intake of over half-a-dozen trees in the process.

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Air Company

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Unlike the traditional distilling process of spirits, which typically produces an estimated 13 pounds of greenhouse gases per bottle, the Air Co technique not only produces no negative byproducts, it actually removes close to a pound of harmful CO2 from the atmosphere for every bottle produced.

The distilling process begins by capturing CO2 from Brooklyn-based factories.

Then, inside their distillery their team uses electricity, which is generated from solar energy, to split water into hydrogen and oxygen. The oxygen is then emitted, and the hydrogen is combined with the CO2.

The end result is a vodka, Air Co believe, more pure than everyday vodka made from yeast. It is free from impurities like methanol’s and carbon acids, contains carbohydrates, no sugar, no gluten and is completely carbon negative.

The intricate details of how the CO2, oxygen and hydrogen are transformed into vodka is kept under-wraps, but the process is nonetheless a potentially groundbreaking environmental step forward.

Air Co sources the glassware for each bottle from Illinois, USA, with the labels, which are biodegradable, made in New York, their carbon footprint being offset by the planting of new trees.

For more information on the Air Co vodka visit Air Co online.

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