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Airbnb Has Launched Animal Experiences and You Can Have Tea with Sheep

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From a tea party with sheep to paddle boarding with a corgi, Airbnb have introduced Animal Experiences.

The new category to their experiences website aims to allow people to better understand animals through expert hosts, setting a new standard for animal tourism.

There’s over 1,000 experiences currently listed on the section, which sees animals and their human friends come together to offer extraordinary experiences.

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The experiences hope to allow for gentle observation and bring a sense of connection between animals and humans. Image: Airbnb

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The idea is you can meet the local hosts who care for the welfare, and every experience must follow World Animal Protection guidelines.

You can get to know more than 300 species with the help of biologists, conservationists, and fellow animal lovers, interact responsibly with the animals and visit unique habitats around the world.

Of course, the section does feature its fair share of the weird and wonderful too.

Fancy attending a KISS rock concert with sharks or helping to rescue puppies lost within the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone?

Current listings include everywhere from the United States to Thailand; Spain to Loch Lomond in the UK so if you’re planning your next family trip there’s been a better time to plan!

To view the full list of experiences visit Airbnb Animal Experiences. 

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