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New Legislation Could See Plastic Bags Removed From All UK Airports

airport plastic bag ban
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They are found in airports around the world, but plastic bags at security checkpoints could soon be a thing of the past.

The Department for Transport have empowered airports across the UK to find “suitable alternatives” to remove plastic bags at security checkpoints and “do their bit” to help transform airports into environmentally friendly environments as they look to have a full UK-wide airport plastic bag ban introduced.

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airport plastic bag ban


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It was estimated that over 150 million passengers used UK airports in 2019, with all requiring some level of plastic bag to keep liquids, gels and pastes of 100ml or less in for security screening.

The Department for Transport are determined to cut this single-use plastic waste caused at airports across the UK, and increase the use of eco-friendly alternatives such as compostable bags.

The government department are seeking ideas from airport operators and environmentally focused companies for alternatives to plastic bags, which they hope can be trialed and then handed out across the 40 UK airports.

The Department for Transport have made the move to find a solution to the use of single-use plastics in airports following the announcement that Dubai’s two airports are introducing a single-use plastic ban, across security checks, duty-free shopping and food outlets.

For more information on the new airport plastic bag ban visit the Department for Transport online.

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