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These Sustainable Headphones Are Made Entirely From Fungus and Environmentally Friendly Plastics

aivan sustainable headphones

Have you ever considered the materials used to build your headphones could be harmful to the environment? This audio design studio did and have grown a pair of sustainable alternatives.

Finnish studio Aivan have developed a pair of headphones called the Korvaa, which are made exclusively from micro biologically grown materials that are not harmful to the environment and are 100% sustainable.

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aivan sustainable headphones


Plastic waste is having an enormous environmental impact on the health of the planet, therefore seeking alternative materials is imperative.

Rather than finding a ready made sustainable alternative material, Avian grew one instead.

The Finland-based design company, in collaboration with scientists, industrial designers, and artists, created a new material that acts like a typical plastic-based materials, but is far more environmentally friendly and 100% sustainable.

aivan sustainable headphones


The process to create the new material is called synthetic biology, which is grown and can produce a variety of chemicals, medicines, fuels, and materials, at a fraction of the waste produced by traditional fossil-fuel manufactured materials.

The headphones were then built by growing six, three-dimensional forms, which include fungus, to help create the foam-like cushion ear inserts, mesh fabric materials, to the headset itself.

Wiring and all of the essential sound qualities were then added to create the first organically created, sustainable, headphones.

The Korvaa are unfortunately still in the prototype phase, with no price available yet.

For more information on the Aivan sustainable headphones visit Aivan online.

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