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There’s a Seriously Instagramable Aladdin Cafe You Need to Visit Immediately

For those who like to dream about their next vacation, make a magic wish because there’s an awe-inspiring Aladdin cafe you need to make plans to visit.

Called The Grounds of Alexandria (X Aladdin of course), here’s one destination that brings serious Disney magic to life.

Never mind ‘A Whole New World’, this cafe is on a whole new level…

Inspired completely by Agrabah, enter a familiar world of mystique and enchantment with the incredible installations.

You can actually wander through a glorious golden archway, surrounded by intricate gold detail, turquoise accents and lace lanterns.

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Then, there’s the cave of wonders featuring gold riches, luxury dressings, and of course a magical golden lamp, plus an actual recreation of the marketplace…

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Of course, it wouldn’t be a cafe without food and drink and this place has got one impressive menu.

There’s magical cake made from pistachio sponge complete with magic lamp and serious cocktail inspiration. Plus, who doesn’t want to bite into a ‘Jafar cake?’

There’s even tea to celebrate the theme – A combination of hibiscus, apple, pomegranate and rosehip, served in a magic lamp. Is it possible to recreate this at home?

Only, now for the bad news. Sadly this exquisite land of wonders is only going down down under –  in Sydney, Australia to be exact.

The cafe will be in existence until Sunday 16 June so be sure to go explore before *poof* it’s gone.

Now that’s time enough to book a plane ticket now isn’t it?

The Aladdin cafe at ‘The Grounds Alexandria’ is located at The Grounds of Alexandria, Building 7A, 2 Huntley St, Alexandria,Sydney. 

Disney’s Aladdin (2019) is in cinemas now from 24 May… 

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