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Alexander Wang Is Looking to Transform Your Office Space

alexander wang office

If your office space is in need of an injection of style and minimalism Alexander Wang has launched a new collection of office supplies which scream productivity.

There is often nothing worse than a cluttered desk covered with random stationary, notepads and general mess. A cluttered desk can be a massive demotivator and surefire way to not enjoying your working environment.

Fashion giant Alexander Wang is hoping to change that with an impeccably designed office collection called “dot com” which features a pen set, mug, 3D paperweight cube and jet-black cap.

Alexander Wang

In celebration of the relaunch of their new retail site, Alexander Wang have designed this work-focused range in the hope of injecting desk spaces with style and substance, and also attempting to declutter everyone’s untidy desks.

The dot com collection comes prepared to send you into a work-related overdrive.

Each fabulous piece come embezzled with the slogan, “We don’t do slow”.

The minimalistic pen set comes as four stunning golden pens, while the paperweight cube is ideal as a stand alone desk motivator.

The mug comes in all-white with a sleek golden rim and the delightful “we don’t do slow slogan”, which is also printed onto the top of the the all black cap.

The collection ranges in price from £20 up to £50, and is available now at Alexander Wang online.

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