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These Eco-Friendly Trainers Are You Next Fashion Purchase

We can’t avoid it any more, we all need to start doing more than recycling our plastic waste to help the environment, which is why it is time to start making changes to what we put on our feet.

Our current lifestyle trends are having an detrimental impact on the environment, whether that be what we eat and drink or our clothes, hats, accessories, bags and other clothing, all are having an enormous effect on the global environment.

Step in Allbirds, a San Francisco-based brand hoping to completely revolutionize the footwear industry with shoes made entirely from wool, eucalyptus and sugarcane, rather than the environmentally unfriendly rubber, leather and other typical shoe materials.

allbirds shoes


What makes Allbirds eco-friendly?

After years of researching and tinkering with the design and process, Allbirds founder, Tim Brown, teamed up with Joey Zwillinger, a renewables expert, to create an entirely new range of shoes inspired by natural materials, following an ongoing mantra to create better things in a better way.

Since their official launch in 2016, Allbirds have been endorsed by the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow, Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner, Leonardo DiCaprio and even Barack Obama.

So what makes them so great? Allbirds are made from sustainable wool fabric, which uses 60 per cent less energy than materials used in typical synthetic shoes and one recycled bottle equals one pair of Allbirds laces.

The soles are made from sugarcane instead of traditional petroleum-based materials and the packaging for each pair of shoes is 100 percent recycled.

allbirds shoes


If all those sustainability and environmentally friendly features aren’t enough, owners who are not walking on cloud nine after 30 days, Allbirds will take the shoes back, no questions asked.

The men’s and women’s collection are all priced the same. The wool runners, which come in a range of colours and sizes, are priced at £95, the tree toppers are £115, tree skippers £95 and wool loungers £95.

To order your next pair of everyday shoes, or for more informationon Allbirds, visit Allbirds online.

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