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2020 Is About Embracing a Greener More Sustainable Way of Living

allermuir sustainable home decoration
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With the world focused on creating greener, more environmentally friendly living hubs, home interiors are becoming sustainable must-haves.

Allermuir are an online home decorating experts who specialise in creating eco-first contemporary furniture for homes, offices and public spaces – helping everyone achieve that perfect green-focused hideaway.

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allermuir sustainable home decoration


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When it comes time to decorating homes, people today are less focused on traditional throwaway, flatpack, furniture that rarely lasts longer than a few months.

The focus now is on sustainably made, long-lasting and high quality items that can stay in the home for much longer. Furniture that is an investment for the future rather than something that is ok for right now.

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allermuir sustainable home decoration


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Allermuir has sustainability and environmentally friendly written into everything they do.

From the materials they source, the way they design and craft their products, to how they deliver their items. They are focused on striving to offer stylish home decoration items that also have saving the environment at its heart.

The company also have a sister business called Sustain, who are Allermuir’s resident recycling experts.

Sustain are based in a 15,000 sq purpose built recycling centre, where all of Allermuir’s waste and waste material from the furniture industry are processed and recycled into materials to be used for new products.

In addition to looking for ways to reduce their environmental impact, Allermuir are also investing in renewable energy production and use, improving their energy efficiency, and making sure they reduce their waste.

Allermuir’s range of home decorating products include everything from chairs, to stools, sofas to tables, and storage solutions.

To view the entire Allermuir sustainable home decoration collection visit Allermuir online.

For more information on Allermuir sustainable home decoration visit Allermuir online.

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