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You Can Now Do Yoga in a Studio Filled with Alpacas

alpaca yoga

Alpacas have become the go-to animal to share crazy experiences with and we might have just found place that’ll let you play with the fabulously furry animals while improving your fitness at the same time.

Rosebud Alpacas, Cumbria, England, has become the centre of the alternative yoga universe thanks to a new set of classes offering yoga-gers the chance to get their namaste on while fluffy, furry, cute alpacas roam around them.

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alpaca yoga

Rosebud Alpacas

Alpaca yoga is the latest in a growing trend of alternative yoga experiences. There has already been the likes of kitten and puppy yoga, and even goat yoga.

The theory behind introducing alpacas into yoga sessions is that the presence of them allows people to reconnect to the innocence of nature.

Alpacas naturally exude calm and tranquil feelings, and are an easy choice for helping people shed any physical and emotional baggage holding them back.

alpaca yoga

Rosebud Alpacas

The sessions are also a unique way for people to overcome anxiety, helping to guide them and embrace a new zest for life.

Each yoga session is led by an instructor, with light refreshments also provided after each class.

The centre also offers other alpaca-experiences with walking trails, picnics, art sessions and meditation packages. All can be viewed and booked at Rosebud Alpacas online.

For more information on Alpaca yoga, or other alpaca experiences, visit Rosebud Alpacas online.

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