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Amazon Have Launched their First Ever Kindle Designed to Encourage Kids to Read

amazon kindle kids edition
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To encourage children to read, Amazon have revealed their first ever Kindle designed specifically for kids.

The online shopping giant has unveiled the Kindle Kids edition, a slimmed down version of their traditional adult Kindle, which features a number of simple tweaks aimed at getting kids more engaged with reading again.

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amazon kindle kids edition


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There are no games, advertisements, or videos, the Kindle Kids edition offers zero distractions to help children get on with just reading.

Designed for children up to 12 years old, the Kindle Kids edition features a number of child-friendly changes designed to coax kids away from tablets and other devices.

There’s a fun and engaging lockscreen wallpaper when the Kindle is sat idle. The image sizes and resolutions have been increased to help children follow the stories with ease, and it has been designed to fit comfortably in most kids hands.

The Vocabulary Builder Tool allows kids to look up words they’re unfamiliar with and store them as flashcards for further practice, while the Word Wise helpful skill offers simple definitions for difficult words so children can keep reading with little interruption.

There are even interactive achievement badges awarded to readers when they reach certain goals or finish books.

The Kindle also comes with one year free access to FreeTime, which holds thousands of titles for kids to chose from.

The Kindle Kids edition comes in a choice of four colours; pink, blue, rainbow birds and space station. All are priced at £80 and are available from Amazon online.

For more information on the Kindle Kids edition, or other Amazon products, visit Amazon online.

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