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Here’s How You Can Get Your Amazon Package Completely Plastic-Free

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If you’re forever ordering from Amazon and despairing at the amount of packaging you receive, good news is you can go completely plastic-free.

According to a Facebook post by plastic-free community Milwaukee without plastic that has so far received over 4,000 likes, achieving a plastic-free package from the online retailer is actually rather easy. You simply ask for it. (It’s all rather wild).

To be more specific, sign into your Amazon account, Go to ‘Help/Customer Service’, then ‘Contact us’ to use their chat option.

Once on chat, request to make all future orders plastic-free with minimal packaging and where absolutely necessary use only degradable packaging materials like paper.

This information will then be saved to your account for all future orders.

If you shop on Amazon and you would like to get it in plastic-free packaging, here is what you can do–Open your Amazon…

Posted by Milwaukee without plastic on Thursday, 30 January 2020

The community has even suggested a way to get around problems with customer service.

“You might sometimes get a customer care person who is unaware of this option, ” the post states. “Try to escalate the issue or restart chat with a different person.

“Mine was escalated to a phone call. But the customer rep on the phone was able to make this change on my account. There is still a possibility that they will ship a few items in plastic packaging. But it is a great way to make them hear what consumers want.”

Over 2.2K consumers in fact, who shared some of their experiences via the post.

“Omg!! Thank you for posting this!”, wrote Jacki Beau,  “I had no idea and am always so frustrated by the plastic packaging.

I felt helpless about this, and except for no longer using Amazon (which is hard to do), I didn’t know what to do! Will definitely share this post and make the changes to my account.”