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Amazon Prime Are Launching A New Healthy Living-Focused Cooking Show

amazon prime vegan cooking
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To help people embrace a healthier way of living, Amazon Prime have announced they are launching a new Vegan-focused cooking show.

The new food programme is titled – New Day, New Chef – and will focused on educating people on veganism, what food is vegan-friendly, and how to make delicious meals – a great new show to binge while on the UK coronavirus lockdown.

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amazon prime vegan cooking


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Veganism is sweeping the world as more and more people turn their backs on traditional meat, fish and chicken diets.

The shift in attitudes is attributed to people moving away from food products causing environmental damage which also subject animals to potential abuse, focusing more on animal and eco-conscious plant-based diets.

The new show will be presented by journalist and food activist – Jane Velex-Mitchell – with each episode featuring a host of celebrity guests.

Velex-Mitchell asks each of the shows guests to take her, and the viewers, on a trip through their food history and how they have landed on veganism as their preferred choice of food.

To watch New Day, New Chef visit Amazon Prime online.

Amazon Prime are currently running a 30-day free trial when you sign up, or each episode is priced at £1.99, and comes in both standard definition or high definition. All are available to order at Amazon Prime online.

For more information on the new Amazon Prime Vegan Cooking show visit Amazon Prime online.

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