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These New Sustainable Candles Will Bring a Sense of Calm To Your Home

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Amen candles are a new collection of non-toxic, vegan-friendly wax candles offering sustainable sumptuous scents.

Created by Rodrigo Garcia Alvarez, Amen candles are all hand-made in the fragrance capital of the world, Grasse, France, and come packaged in beautifully crafted porcelain vessels – perfect for those looking to add a subtle touch of luxury to their homes.

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amen candle collection

Amen candles

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Sometimes, the quickest and easiest way to inject a new, refreshing outlook into homes is the addition of a simple scented candle.

The Amen candle collection includes three scents, one for each of the chakras – aiming to add peace of mind to the body and soul.

All of the scents have been developed in collaboration with renowned yoga studios in Paris, Los Angeles, and Rio de Janerio, with the purpose of filling homes with relaxing and sensual scents from the world of wellness and well-being.

The three options include vetiver, the fragrance of soil, offering a grounding, calming balancing and strengthening feeling. Roses – contains floral scents and aims to open hearts to a higher frequency of love. Jazmin will awaken a divine energy and help lull people in states of heightened spiritual awareness.

All candles come in plastic-free and recyclable packaging to help make sure each is as sustainable as possible.

The candles are all 200grs, include 50 hour burn times and feature 100 per cent natural vegetable wax. All are priced at £84 each and are available to order from Amen online.

For more information on the Amen candle collection visit Amen online.

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