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There Is A Festival Celebrating 100 Years of Aperol Spritz Coming This Summer

aperol spritz festival

When it comes to outdoor parties, Aperol Spritz are hosting a summer event you’re simply not going to want to miss.

Aperol Spritz, everyone’s favourite summer time refreshment, are inviting old and new friends to celebrate their 100th birthday with a festival dedicated entirely to enjoying the delicious, orange coloured drink.

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Nothing says outdoor summer time relaxing, than with a group of friends enjoying a glass of Apoel Spritz.

The refreshing Italian tipple is the perfect way to unwind in the sun and to celebrate their centenary, Aperol are hosting a colourful festival that’ll visit London and Manchester this year, and the best bit is everyone’s invited.

The event is running from 23 May to 1 June and will begin at the Shoreditch Electric Light Station, London, then travel up to Manchester’s The Oast House for a second birthday celebration.

The event will feature an impressive flowing orange waterfall, to match the distinctive colour of Aperol, a cute Vespa Scooter Carousel, Fiat 500 hot tubs, an orange ballpit, plus a host of DJs, music and, of course, lots of Aperol Spritz.

Tickets to the London event are £10 per person, which includes two free drinks and a selection of Italian Aperitivo, while the Manchester event is free entry.

Aperol are listing the event as a social gathering celebration and are making group tickets cheaper with two tickets priced at £18 or £34 for four.

For more information on both events visit Aperol online.

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