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This £10 Plant Could Finally Stop Your Partner from Snoring at Night

asda pineapple plant

Are you struggling to get to sleep at night, or you’re being woken up in the middle of your beauty sleep, thanks to a snoring partner? We might have found a solution to help prevent those annoying late-night wake-ups.

This simple pineapple plant from ASDA has been revealed to offer anti-snoring benefits by none other than NASA, who believe pineapple plants hold the key to stopping loud snorers.

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asda pineapple plant


Anyone who has experienced a partner snoring during the night will try just about anything to make sure they can get a good night’s sleep for a change.

If you have exhausted the nasal strips, mouth guards, hypnotherapy, air fresheners, and special sleeping pillows without much success then this cute fruity plant could be the answer.

Research by the brainy scientists at NASA has revealed that pineapple trees improve air quality throughout the night, and therefore has the ability to help those who snore breath easier and stop them from snoring all night long.

The pineapple plant is priced at £10 and is available at ASDA online.

For more information on the pineapple plant visit ASDA online.

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