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Audi Reveals Eco-Friendly “City Car of The Future”

© Audi

For those who feel they spend more time in the car than at home, German car maker Audi has developed the AI:ME with serious thought on interiors.

“The car is increasingly becoming a ‘third living space’ alongside our homes and workplaces”, says Audi.

“It is thus only consistent that the Audi designers did not subordinate the interior of the Audi AI:ME to the shape of the body. On the contrary, they prioritised the interior and made it the core of the whole vehicle.”

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This compact car which is 4.3 meters by 1.9 meters, has a large interior area for its size.

Replacing the interior engine with an electric motor allowed the company to reorganise the car and create a larger wheelbase – the distance between the front and rear extends to 2.77 meters and a height of 1.52 meters.

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Audi envisions the interior of this car to have a calm atmosphere within the city – a “high-tech refuge during rush hour”.

The temperature, ambient lighting and seat positioning are all adjusted to the user when they get in, while the noise compensation system completely suppresses the sounds of the city.

“We create a feel-good atmosphere by appealing to all of the users’ senses”, said Audi designer James Nissen.

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“We use climbing plants across the see-through roof to bring a bit of nature into the big city. Aside from that, they improve the air quality”, continued Nissen.

The car has also level-four autonomy meaning that it is autonomous in areas where it is allowed, and in areas where the driver is not required, it is reconfigured and the steering wheel can become a table.

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