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Audi Have Combined an Electric Scooter with a Skateboard to Create a Futuristic Way to Travel

audi etron scooter

Audi have developed a new mode of electrical inner-city transport perfect for those searching for an environmentally friendly alternative to gas guzzling cars.

The German car manufacturer revealed the latest in micromobility innovation, the Audi e-Tron – an electric scooter that rides just like a skateboard with a handlebar to help you keep your balance and direct where you are going.

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audi etron scooter


Audi liken the e-Tron to “surfing a wave”.

Combining the feel of a skateboard with the look of a scooter is a unique design, and very different to the current e-scooters available on the market.

Rather than standing with your body facing the direction you’re going in, on the e-Tron your body is to the side.

Riders hold onto the four-wheeled scooter’s handlebars and control the direction you are travelling in and the speed.

audi etron scooter


The interesting concept scooter can hit a maximum of 12.5 MPH, weights just 12 KG, and has a range of 12.5 miles on full charge.

The eTron can be charged in the trunk of a car through a dedicated socket, which can also be installed in an office, home, or outside a home.

The scooter’s batter is built into its handlebars, where a small display will show the rider the current charge level.

There are also front and rear lights, including break lights, and Bluetooth connectivity that’ll offer theft protection.

Audi plans to release the scooter in late 2020 with a price tag of £1,900.

For more information on the Audi eTron scooter visit Audi online.

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