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A New Plant-Based Material Has Been Developed and Could Mean the End of Harmful Plastic Waste

avantium plant plastic bottles
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Carlsberg and Coca-Cola reveal they are pioneering a new project to make all of their drinks containers completely plant-based and 100 per cent sustainable.

Dutch-based biochemical company, Avantium, have partnered with Carlsberg and Coca-Cola to help the drinks giants potentially remove harmful plastic waste from their bottles and replace them with sustainable, plant-based alternatives.

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avantium plant plastic bottles


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Waste produced by single-use plastic bottles is one of the biggest contributors to the global environmental problem impacting the world today.

Globally, around 300 million tonnes of plastic is produced using fossil fuels each year. Most of that plastic is not recycled and contributes to huge volumes of microplastics finding their way into the local, national, and global environments.

The new eco-focused packaging is made from recycled plant sugars taken from the likes of corn, wheat, and beets, which are then broken down into new chemical compounds and then rearranged to create the plant-based plastic.

Each bottle has been designed to be resilient, recyclable, and decompose within a year of use.

Carlsberg hope to use the potentially revolutionary new bottle to help them package their pilsner beer in specially made cardboard bottles lined with an inner layer of this plant-plastic material.

Over time, Avantium plan to use plant sugars from sustainably sourced biowaste to help combat the potential rise in prices of the global food market with the increased use of plant-based plastics.

The innovative project currently has the backing of Coca-Cola and Carlsberg, but Avantium hope to secure further backers to help widen their impact on the global environment.

Avantium hope to have the new plant-based bottles on supermarket shelves by 2023.

For more information on the Avantium plant plastic bottles visit Avantium online.

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