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You Can Now Enjoy Puppy Therapy in Paradise at This Beautiful Hotel

bali dog hotel

If you think you need yet another excuse to visit the tropical paradise of Bali, this hotel on the idyllic Indonesian island is offering a truly unique, and super furry, can’t miss experience.

The Puri Garden Hotel & Hostel, Bali, is offering guests the chance to enhance their time basking in the Indonesian sunshine with puppy therapy, where you can play with puppies all day in the name of relaxation.

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The small island of Bali is a haven for travelers looking to cut themselves off from the world and unwind.

It has now gotten a whole lot more relaxing, and furrier, thanks to the Puri Garden Hotel’s puppy therapy sessions.

The popular resort hotel in the Ubud region of the island, is offering guests the relaxing option of playing with puppies filled with pure, unfiltered happiness all day, every day.

The beauty of this Bali dog hotel is that it’s not only offering puppy fun, there is also free daily yoga sessions, free massages, a peaceful pool area, and free healthy breakfasts, all for just £19 per night.

So, what are you waiting for?

For more information on the bali dog hotel visit Puri Garden Hotel & Hostel online.

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