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Science Says Sleeping in a Cold Room Is Better for Your Health

bedroom temperature research

If you and your partner regularly battle to control the temperature of the bedroom, there could be scientific research to back whoever prefers having a colder room when it’s bed time.

According to new research by sleep specialists at the Neurology and Sleep Medicine, USA, maintaining a bedroom chilled between 19 and 21 degrees is the optimum temperature for grabbing the perfect amount of shuteye, and prevent long uncomfortable nights tossing and turning.

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bedroom temperature research


Our bodies have a natural 24-hour cycle in which our temperatures peak around late-after and drop to their lowest around 4-5 am in the morning.

We are typically able to fall asleep quickly when our body temperature begins to fall, so maintaining a chilled or cold room can help us enjoy a more restful sleep, suggests the research.

By having a calming, longer, and more relaxing sleep, it could not only help you wake-up in the morning ready to attack a new day with an abundance of energy, there are a host of other additional health benefits too.

A healthy sleep pattern can decrease stress hormones, can help you lose unhealthy weight, and even lower your risk of metabolic diseases like diabetes.

So, to enjoy the perfect night sleep, the experts advise turning the temperature down and embrace a chilly bedroom.

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