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These Bus Shelters Have Been Transformed into Green-Roofed Bee Stops

bee bus stops

As the world seeks to avoid global environmental damage, a small dutch city is doing its part by helping to provide homes for endangered bees populations.

The city of Utrecht, Netherlands, is attempting to grow declining bee populations by transforming over 300 bus stops into bee sanctuaries called “green hubs”, which feature small rooftop ecosystems perfect for bees to call home.

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bee bus stops

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The amazing project has been created by the Utrecht local council, who came together to support the cities biodiversity, and attempt to curb declining bee populations in the Netherlands.

The beautiful bus shelters are made from plants and require little maintenance, especially once the bees move in.

The bus stops also include sustainable features for humans too, with energy-efficient LED lights powered by mini windmills and comfy bamboo benches.

Utrecht has been committed to improving its urban biodiversity and sustainability in recent years with projects, in addition to the bee bus stops, including the vertical forest and an energy-neutral hockey clubhouse.

The innovative Dutch city could be the model example to show what every town and city can do, no matter how big or small, to help slow the effects of global warming.

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