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One In Five Couples Say Sleeping Apart Has Improved Their Relationship

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Millions of British couples may have found the secret to a happy relationship, as one in five admit sleeping separately is helping improve their connection.

The study carried out by bed and mattress specialists, Bed SOS, found that almost half of those who took part are getting a better night’s sleep when sleeping in separate beds to their partners, with one in six admitting they are happier sleeping alone.

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benefits of sleeping apart


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The top reasons for why people are choosing to sleep apart range from; snoring, after an argument, having different sleep schedules, children, and my partner steals the cover.

One in ten say they like more room while sleeping so choose to stay in a different bed and almost a fifth admitted solo sleeping improves their health.


DatingScout.co.uk founder, Chris Pleines, said on the benefits of sleeping apart findings: “By sleeping separately, you can get your daily dose of me-time you’ve been craving.

Warm hugs during bedtime feel nice but as the relationship grows old there are couples that prefer immediate rest after having a tiring day, rather than cuddles.”

Pleines added: “By sleeping separately, there’s more intent when it comes to physical touch. You actually have to reach out intentionally to initiate intimacy. Sleeping in separate beds doesn’t have to mean you’re on bad terms.

It can simply be because you need to catch some Zs and get ample rest. In your own bed, you don’t worry if you snore loudly, hog the blanket, or kick someone awake in the dead of night.”

More than a third of women in relationships have been affected by snoring, whereas only a quarter of men state this reason for sleeping apart. A quarter of women also prefer more room in bed, compared to just 1o per cent of men.

benefits of sleeping apart


Other reasons given as the benefits of sleeping apart include getting too hot, having covers stolen, sleep talking/walking and having the kids getting in the way.

Journalist, Martina Mercer, couldn’t sleep with her husband due to his restless legs and snoring:“Funnily enough, this didn’t bother him at all, he’d sleep right through it, but for me, it was constant twitching, and as soon as I started to nod off, he’d twitch again and I’d have to start the cycle of getting to sleep all over again.

“It started where he would sleep in the spare room to give me a treat. Like having a newborn I was desperate for a full night’s sleep and so on weekends I’d get to sleep right through the night, it was bliss. I loved it so much, I asked him to move in there permanently, as with three children and a business to run I really couldn’t survive on very little sleep.”

Mercer added: “He’s tried many medications over the years and we’d attempt sleeping together again, but I’d always wake up in a bad mood as I would have been kicked and slapped during the night.

It was a race for me to fall asleep before he did, but it rarely worked out like that.”

For more advice from experts on the benefits of sleeping apart visit Bed SoS online.

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