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Declutter Modern Life with a Revolutionary BentoStack

When it comes to creating the perfect zen workspace environment we struggle to keep everything neat and tidy – there could now be a simple solution even Marie Kondo will approve of.

If you are anything like us, decluttering our home and lives is a soul-satisfying process, but where we often neglect to consider embracing the KonMari methods is at our daily work spaces.

When all of our socks, t-shirts, jumpers, trousers and other home essentials have either been culled or neatly organised, desks have been left to cope with tangled wires, half used notepads, pens and pencils everywhere – all of which do not spark the necessary joy needed for the perfect place to be productive.

Those joyless work stations could now be a thing of the past thanks to Function 101’s BentoStack container.

bentostack desk tidy

Function 101

Inspired by Japanese bento boxes, the BentoStack borrows from the same stackable containers synonymous across the land of the rising sun.

Designed for the Apple lover, each BentoStack measures 7.4 inches by 3.7 inches, and offers four adjustable compartment dividers for travel or work space storage solutions and two silicone straps to make sure the stack remains attached together when traveling.

Each compartment can store items such as chargers, cords, devices, watches, earphones pens and other items typically found on a desk.

bentostack desk tidy

Function 101

In addition to their BentoStack, Function 101 also have the BentoStack Charge, which intergrates a Qi certified wireless charging pad on to the top cover of the storage stack to add something a bit extra while at work or traveling. The wireless charger can also operate as a traditional charging station using a USB cable.

The original BentoStack is priced at £50 while the BentoStack Charge retails for £112.

The BentoStack is available in space grey, silver, and rose gold and are available online at Function 101 or Amazon.

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