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These Are the Top Places to Live and Work If You’re a Millennial

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Millennials are often described as the boomerang generation, thanks to the high numbers of young people moving back in with their parents after having lived independently.

Between rising house prices, the weight of ever-increasing student debt and high costs of living, moving out (and staying out) can seem impossible.

With all this in mind, you have to ask the question: where should you live and work if you want to get the best possible launching pad for personal and professional success?

A recent report by Royal Mail looked at cities all over the UK and ranked them based on key factors including access to green spaces, job opportunities, business community and earnings, with some surprising results.

If you think that many of the best cities in the UK are out of your price range, then it’s time to think again.

Newcastle upon Tyne

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A small city with a big heart, Newcastle knows how to work hard and play hard. Hailed as an entertainment capital, the Toon is bursting at the seams with great nightlife, art galleries, exhibitions, live music, a blossoming theatre community and a diverse culinary scene for you to enjoy.

Frank Recruitment Group is one of the biggest local employers and is based just a short walk away from Central Station, an excellent location when it comes to your daily commute or planning the odd weekend away.

You’ll always find a great selection of sales and recruitment jobs on offer in Newcastle.

Other major businesses in the area include Greggs, Virgin Money, Ubisoft, and British Airways.

cost of living

With an average rent of £290 a month and even cheaper options in areas undergoing regeneration, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a major city with such affordable housing options.

Cost of living here is relatively low too—approximately 16%  lower than London—with Newcastle ranked 99th out of 441 cities globally in this regard.



Edinburgh is brimming with things to see and do once the working day is over; from historical treasures to colourful festivals, breath-taking nature walks, lively nightlife and more, you’ll definitely find something to suit your lifestyle.


Scotland’s most-visited city offers a surprisingly low cost of living for a capital, with rental costs hovering around £700 per month and salaries coming in at an average of £578 each week.

Commute to outlying areas like Leith, and you’ll find that rental costs are even more affordable; that’s more money you can spend on enjoying everything city life has to offer.



Bristol boasts all the culture and excitement of a big city topped with the charm of your favourite English town, and a truly enviable quality of life. As one of the UK’s greenest places, Bristol is a nature lover’s dream and is surrounded by stunning landscapes that’ll make you feel like you’ve escaped to the country.

The city that gave us legendary artist Banksy also maintains a vibrant arts scene to this day, with loads of galleries, museums, festivals, and street art for you to discover and take inspiration from.


When it comes to work opportunities, Bristol offers fertile ground for start-ups and more established enterprises alike, with companies setting up shop in the city because of its attractive rent prices and creating countless job opportunities in the process.

Airbus, Just Eat, HP and Which? are just some of Bristol’s biggest employers, and the city’s robust business community continues to grow. It’s certainly worth delving a little deeper into your industry and talking to specialist recruiters about opportunities here.


Seth Whales

If you’re looking for a quieter life, then Cardiff is just the ticket. Just a 30-minute drive away from the sweeping landscapes of the Brecon Beacons, you’ll enjoy superb access to lush green spaces and some of the best country walks in the UK; keep driving a little further, and you’ll hit the breath-taking beaches of the Gower Peninsula.

Cardiff has more green space per capita in the city centre than any other place in the UK, so whether you’re exploring Cardiff Castle or taking a walk through Bute Park, you’re always matter of minutes away from your own piece of bliss.

The city is a powerhouse when it comes to arts and culture with a wealth of theatre and dance companies, the Welsh National Opera, world-class street art, and a thriving film community.


Office space here is surprisingly cheap, prompting a whole host of companies to make a home in Cardiff.

You’ll also get more for your money here, with cost of living coming in at a full 25% lower than London and very affordable housing options all over this beautiful city.

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