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8 Of the Best Sleep Tips That’ll Have You Sleeping Like a Baby Every Night

best sleep tips
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Leading healthier and happier lives does not rest solely on clean diets and regular exercise, enjoying consistent sleep routines is also an important pillar when seeking a long and healthy life.

Sleep is often overlooked and ignored when people are looking to embrace that cleaner and greener lifestyle, but with research suggesting sleep inconsistencies contribute to stress, anxiety, mood shifts and lead to deeper health issues, it’s important to make the most of your time in bed.

These are some of the best sleep tips to aid people in their quest to find that perfect night in bed – and help them enjoy a healthier way of living.

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The Ultrasonic Aroma cool mist humidifier is a staple in relaxing yoga and pilates studios, making them perfect for bedrooms.

The immaculate design features a minimalist finish, offering that zen vibe.

The Ultrasonic humidifier will last six to ten hours and fills rooms with refreshing, fragrant scents. Users can choose between two mist settings – weak and strong – and four time setting modes, one hour, three hours, six hours and continuous.

£25, Ultrasonic Aroma cool mist humidifier

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Tekla Fabrics


Copenhagen-based Tekla fabrics is known for sustainable homeware pieces and understanding the importance of using natural materials in their products.

Tekla’s organic bedding range is one of their core products and could be the perfect addition for those looking to improve their sleep and bedroom accessories.

The bedding is made from high-quality cotton, woven together to make them resistant, durable, and comfortable.

£120, Tekla Fabrics

Saje Tranquility Relaxing Face & Body Mist


Sometimes technology doesn’t cut it when trying to find a relaxing way to drift off at night, that is where Saje comes in to help.

Saje products have a soothing and refreshing quality about them, offering sleep and skincare help.

The relaxing face and body mist leaves a fragrant and calming ambience, filled with lavendar, orange, and marjoram, to every room.

From £12, Saje

Philips SmartSleep and Wake Up Therapy Lamp

Philips SmartSleep

Creating the perfect atmosphere and lighting is key to achieving the right sleep. Mood and therapy lighting are great at making sure bedrooms are havens to relax and drift off to sleep in comfortably.

The Philips SmartSleep not only helps to create that relaxed environment to fall asleep in, it also gently wakes people up in the morning.

Instead of jarring alarm clocks waking you up in the morning, the Philips Smartsleep offers a customisable sunset and sunrise setting. Instead of blasting an annoying sound at you when it is time to get up, you are woken by a relaxing light, that gradually gets brighter and brighter.

From £150, Philips SmartSleep Sleep and Wake up Light Therapy Lamp

This Works Deep Sleep Night Ritual

This Works

This works offers an abundance of sleep aid products, but the deep sleep ritual provides one of the best sleep tips with its simple two-step process aimed at making sure you never miss a wink in bed.

The first step is the pillow spray, which features a blend of essential oils and calming lavender, vetivert, and camomile, all coming together to relax nerves, reduce anxiety and enhance sleep quality.

The second step, is a breath-in roll-on, which is applied to pressure points such as your wrists, temple and neck. Once applied it offers a soothing feeling that’ll help cast you out into a relaxing sleep.

£30, This Works

URPower 300ml Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser


If your home is in an warm or muggy climate, or your bedroom retains a lot of heat, it’s important to try to balance out the atmosphere with a diffuser.

The URpower 300ml Aroma essential oil diffuser works by capturing the warm and hot air in the room whilst also infusing it with essential oils.

£20, Amazon

Soundscape Soundtracks

best sleep tips


Listening to music has been proven to help relax and restore our wellbeing, and one of the best ways to take advantage of this is by listening to expertly composed soundscapes.

There are a number of different soundscapes on offer, from forest, ocean, woodland, relaxing jazz, animals and even snowy night sounds, all suited to helping relax minds at night time.


Indoor Gardens and Plants

best sleep tips


To help break up ridged and stale bedrooms, sometimes one of the best sleep tips to help guarantee a healthy dose of shuteye is adding a touch of the outdoors.

By incorporating indoor plants and greenery into bedrooms, it can help create an atmosphere ideally suited for long and serene night sleeps.

From £4.99, Dobbies

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